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I wrote a drunk email. Now, I'm a copywriter.Not a gifted writer? Me either.So how did I land a job via a drunk email?Let's travel back in time to December 4, 2020.I was finishing my master's in Kinesiology (MKin). Covid was still in full swing here in Canada.I was at home drinking beer and going through emails.I came across an email with the subject line, 'What IS copywriting?' from The Wizard of Wordcraft. I read the email at least 13x and was captivated by his journey from fitness coach to (copy)writer.I was also a strength coach struggling to build a thriving coaching business where I could make ends meet. I started to go down the copywriting rabbit hole when someone on the internet signed up for my coaching via my sales page.Maybe it was the boldness from drinking the beer🤪I decided to reply to the email and introduce myself. Telling the wizard that I was finishing my master's in Kinesiology but interested in pursuing copywriting on the side.But I've always been horrible at writing. So bad that I almost didn't graduate high school on time because I kept failing Grade 12 English🙈 So I asked the wizard if a career in copywriting as a non-gifted writer was possible.Not only did the wizard respond, he offered me to be a writer on his team.And that's how this strength coach turned into a copywriter.Want to know more about my journey?Let's take your inbox on a newsletter adventure.Every Friday, I send a 1-2 minute insight email on:‣ How I made a career change from strength coach to copywriter.‣ Life of a freelance copywriter in a magical marketing company.‣ Sharing 7+ years of experience and formal education as a strength coach for competitive powerlifters and the everyday athletes.‣ How I’m overcoming challenges as a non-gifted writer while working full time as a copywriter.

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